Istayak Ansari - Director

  • Istayak, is an MBA specializing in Marketing from MET (Mumbai ) and M. Com specializing in Business Management from Mumbai University with 13+ years of experience in Start-ups, Retail Management, & Franchise Development.
  • Istayak joined Gold's Gym India in 2004 as Franchise Manager. Was promoted as the head of the company at the age of 30 in 2009. Istayak was instrumental in taking the company from 4 gyms in Mumbai in 2004 to 85+ open and operating gyms and 100+ franchisees signed gyms across 56 cities in India in a short span of 9 years. He was the youngest Chief Operating Officer in the Health and Wellness industry in Asia spearheading the fastest growing international gym chain in Asia.
  • Istayak quit Gold’s Gym in Sept 2013 to start his own ventures in Health, Wellness & Beauty.

Nishat Khan - Director

  • Nishat is an M.Tech specializing in Green technology from Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai.
  • Her interests are in creating body wash products which are made from natural ingredients with processes that leave very small carbon footprint.
  • She has carried out extensive research to come up with products which are truly skin nourishing. Along with a strong scientific background she also has an artistic streak in her which helps her in coming up with aesthetic designs for her products.