All Puriso Handcrafted Soaps pass through stringent quality controls and various steps of intricate procedures in their making.

The main ingredient in Puriso soaps is Glycerin, which is Natural, Moisturizes Skin, Its Gentle, a Great Cleanser, and has Anti-Aging Properties.

No heavy machinery or equipments are used for the production of Puriso soaps.

Due to their exclusively handmade nature, these soaps may vary slightly in size and shape.

All Puriso Handcrafted Soaps are 100 % vegetarian, as there is no use of animal fat, and we do not endorse animal testing of any kind.

Owing to our unrelenting Passion, Gratitude, and Reverence to Mother Nature, we whole heartedly support Eco – friendly manufacturing techniques and environmental sustainability.

Therefore, each pure and pristine bar of Puriso Handcrafted Soap is a genuine proof and testimony to natural wellness and our Commitment to Nature.