1) How long do Puriso Handcrafted soaps stay fresh for use?

- Puriso Handcrafted soaps can be used for one year after manufacturing. However, it is suggested that they be used within 4-6 months, as they do not contain any chemical preservatives.

2) Why are Puriso soaps so soft?

- All Puriso Handcrafted soaps are handmade and are high in glycerine content. Glycerine makes the soap very soft and smooth, whereas other commercial soaps are devoid of glycerine, hence, are hard.

3) What are the drops that sometimes form on Puriso soaps?

- The drops that are sometimes observed on a Puriso soaps is ‘glycerine dew’. Our soaps are rich in glycerine, which is a humectant. Glycerine absorbs moisture from the surroundings, which form drops on the surface of the soap. This is totally safe. It just means that the glycerine is doing its job. It can be wiped off with a cloth.

4) Are Puriso Handcrafted soaps safe for the skin?

- All Puriso soaps are made from glycerine rich soap bases, and do not contain any harmful chemicals. For very sensitive skin types it is advisable that you perform a patch test before use.

5) How can we increase the longevity of these soaps?

- Puriso Handcrafted soaps can be made to last longer by keeping them in dark and closed shelves which will keep moisture away from them. It is also advisable not to keep the soap in contact with water for a long time in the washroom. All Puriso soaps should be wiped dry after every use to last longer.