We are a company dedicated to ‘Health & Wellness’ which reflects in our products as well, keeping in tandem with our rich expertise, experience and rigorous research & endeavours in the field of Natural Health & Wellness.

We are lovers of Nature, Fragrance and Craft, and thus, our products are a combination of all three.

Our ambition was to create a company that celebrates Natural Well Being, and the idea was to mix traditions and ingredients.

Being passionate about natural ingredients that evoke human senses, our brand name “Puriso” stands for Purity, Freshness and One-ness with nature.

Puriso products are rich in exotic skin pampering ingredients like botanical extracts, butters, oils, glycerine etc.

What we provide to the consumers is the ultimate experience of our skin caring ingredients in Puriso products that help heal the skin and soothe the mind.

So … Surrender to our blissful products for a truly delightful experience, with formulas that will leave your skin soft, ultra moisturized, delicately caressed and beautifully replenished.